Misdirection and Misappropriation

So this week started with a huge furore about the omission of the word ‘Easter’ from an Easter egg hunt organised by Cadbury’s (the chocolate people) It turns out that there is in a fact a book to help us forward with this so called problem. The Bible! Having perused the gospels, making use of my theological training to question the text, and really get to the heart of the matter, I found that actually Jesus was not busy hunting down Easter eggs like Pokémon while on the cross. Apparently he had other things to do.

This suggests to me, and I may well be wrong, but it does suggest that perhaps Easter egg hunts are not integral to the overall meaning of Easter. At some point in history there was a conflation of the two until one day we all associated chocolate eggs with the brutal death of a man claiming to be the son of God on a crudely crafted cross.

What exactly are you fighting for here Mrs May? Surely the whole thing takes away from the origins of the whole Easter thing, and it might actually be a good idea to separate the two and let those who want to contemplate the possible death and resurrection of the Messiah do so, while those who want their children’s teeth to drop out also do the same? I mean essentially Easter has now become a more PG Halloween for Christians. It’s a pointless exercise. Let it go. It doesn’t affect Christianity at all. Christians need to stop fighting for the right to be largely irrelevant and maybe just get on with doing things that might actually be life changing instead. This woman was in Saudi Arabia, with the opportunity to speak about countless human rights violations, or about building a task force supported by the not insubstantial wealth of the Saudis to help smaller countries such as Lebanon deal with refugees. However, she found time to complain that as a Christian, she felt that children should be able to refer to ferreting chocolate out from random bushes, a Christian occasion. Okay then, a judicious use of taxes, travel all that way and then talk about chocolate.

Can we not please?

Just, no!


Author: theresabookforthatsite

A lover of words...and cake.

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