There’s a book for that

I love to read, and sometimes when I find myself in new or unusual situations, I think back to one of the books I read. I find parallels between things that I read years ago and events happening in the present. I am often castigated for my use of references that no one understands or for speaking ¬†tangentially. What people don’t seem to realise, is that in my head, it all links up. I see something and I think, hmm, I bet there’s a book (or movie, or random quote) for that. For the purpose of this blogamajig I would like to focus on books, to write about all the wonderful books about there, and why you, dear reader, might want to pick one up.

There’s a book for nearly every human situation, because books, most of them, were written by humans. I say most to exclude that one random one that some over achieving stapler wrote somewhere, but I think humans do generally do books better than staplers. I bet there’s a book for that reference too.

I hope this blog leads you to read, there are wonderful worlds to be explored that fell out of the pens of some very interesting people. Jump on in.


Author: theresabookforthatsite

A lover of words...and cake.

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